General Terms & Conditions – Slaves’ College MV

§1 – Area of Application

The Slaves‘ College MV (hereinafter referred to as „SCMV“) is a privately owned compound with house and courtyard. The general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as „GTC“) are referring to a visit or stay within this compound, the use of the therein available infrastructure and installations and for participation in activities offered on this compound.

§2 – Owner’s Authority

The owner of the SCMV (hereinafter referred to as „the Headmaster“) is holding the exclusive authority on house and compound. To his stipulations, decrees and instructions within his right in safe guarding of possession and in keeping order and safety the user and guest on site has to comply.

§3 – Permit of Residence

Entry, visit and stay to and on the compound of the SCMV needs prior explicit permission by the headmaster and will be given to persons of age 18 years and older only. Minors are not allowed entry to the. In order to ensure permission of entry, the headmaster is eligible to demand presentation of a valid personal identification document.

§4 – Prohibition of Drugs

At the SCMV, in the building and on the whole compound, there is an absolute prohibition of drugs banned by law. Violation of this decree will lead to immediate expulsion from house and compound of the SCMV.

§5 – Recognition on Peculiarity of the SCMV

Visiting or with a stay at the SCMV, guests accept and respect the special peculiarity of the SCMV as a place where fetish- oriented preferences are practiced between men. This includes sexual activities between men and practicing BDSM and to move in full nudity in the house and on the compound.

§6 – Accommodation

The SCMV offers diverse possibilities of overnight accommodation.
(1) Dormitory: in a room with several beds, partly bunk beds and use of shared bathrooms.
(2) Private rooms: bed rooms to be booked for single guest or several guests together and use of shared bathrooms.
(3) Units: bed rooms including use of additional rooms such as own bath-room, living-room or similar for exclusive use.
(4) Camping: in prior arrangement with the SCMV either by putting own tent or in renting a tent of the SCMV.
(5) Special accommodation: in the house and on the compound, there are special rooms or infrastructures to be used as overnight accommodation basing on prior agreement with the SCMV.
Pending on kind of accommodation and on prior agreement with the SCMV, guests bring for their use own sleeping bag or bedlinen.

§7 – Meals and Drinks

Guests and visitors are enjoying meals and drinks according prior agreement with the SCMV or are taking care about their own self-catering.

§8 – Special Services

On demand and/or according offers of the SCMV there are special services available for booking. These may include special equipment or materials, access to special rooms or use of such, participation at courses or events at the SCMV or booking of private services, training or coaching at the SCMV. All according possibilities are based either on publications by the SCMV or on binding individual agreement with the SCMV.

§9 – Rates and Offer

An actual and seasonal price-list for overnights, catering and special services is published separately. Pending on occupancy of or prior agreement with the SCMV prices might differ from the published rates. Irrespectively, the SCMV might publish special offers and events with special rates for packaged services. The accurate rates for services required by a guest for his stay will be binding communicated prior to a confirmed booking. A divergence on prices might occur on site basing on demand of a guest by changing or adding services other than agreed prior to his arrival.

§10 – Booking and Contracting

(1) Bookings are only valid in written, normally by e-mail or letter.
(2) If available on the website of the SCMV, a special digital booking might be used.
(3) A valid booking requires the indication of real family name and private name of the booking person and indication of functioning means of communication in writing and phone with this person.
(4) Required and wished services and details respectively have to be indicated clearly in writing, above all dates of arrival and departure, number of persons booked and any other detail that influences kind and volume of services to be rendered by the SCMV.
(5) Booking is confirmed only if a written confirmation is given by the SCMV. The SCMV commits to communicate very timely, latest within 72 hours by written reply.
(6) A contract is valid basing on the written confirmation of a booking by the SCMV. By written confirmation of the SCMV the contract is binding, unless the guest is not covering prepayment if required.
(7) A booking includes all other persons indicated in numbers or/and names as rendered by the booking guest. By this, the booking guests commits to binding contracting also for these persons and stay eligible for the total of value and contents contracted including these additional persons.
(8) In case, a third party undertakes a booking he is eligible for all committed services and value of contents booked, unless a declaration is communicated to and accepted by the SCMV, that the arriving guests are eligible by themselves.
(9) With a confirmation on booking, the amount of payment due is indicated and to be covered by the booking person. In case of objection, the booking person has to contradict in written latest with 72 hours. In case of demanded pre-payment not carried out, the SCMV reserves right of abolition of contract.
(10) In case of contradiction on confirmed rates or prices, correction will occur only in case of wrong calculation by the SCMV and a respective correction confirmed in written. In case of the original given rates are correctly reflecting booked services, the contradiction is automatically recognized as a cancellation of booking and accordingly a cancellation of free of charge confirmed in written.
(11) Events and activities organized by third parties using the SCMV as location, only this respective third party is partner of contract with the SCMV. For participants of these events or activities the respective own GTC of these third parties as the contracting partner of the participants and guests are binding.

§11 – Services, Payment and Safety Deposit

(1) The SCMV is committed to provide services as booked by and confirmed to the guest within the period of booked stay and according to the agreed range.
(2) The SCMV is eligible to demand with contracting or thereafter a pre-payment or safety deposit of an adequate amount. The requested sum has to be paid by bank transfer to the credit of the account of the SCMV within a given deadline. Non-payment may lead to cancellation of contract by the SCMV and by this to cancellation of entitlement on services ordered by the booking person.
(3) Total amount due on booking or remaining sum due respectively has to be paid immediately with arrival at the SCMV. Payment at location to the SCMV in cash only.
(4) With arrival at the SCMV a safety deposit of Euro 10,- in cash will be levied per person and day, i.e. Euro 20,- per person if staying one overnight, Euro 30,- per person if staying two overnights etc.
(5) On departure the safety deposit will be accounted with probably on location ordered additional services, i.e. meals, drinks, materials, chargeable us of rooms or installations or will serve to cover damages caused by the guest.
(6) Agreed rates always include V.A.T. according law.
(7) Rates may be changed by the SCMV if the guest asks for prolongation of stay or demands additional services and requests get accordingly confirmed by the SCMV. Aufenthaltes oder zusätzliche Leistungen erwünscht und die SMV dem zustimmt.

§12 – Cancellation, Non-use of Booked Services

If not agreed and confirmed otherwise at moment of booking, following conditions on cancellation and charges are valid:
a) till 31 days prior to arrival date no cancellation fees will be charged.
b) 31 till 22 days prior to arrival, 30% of total amount due are charged.
c) 21 till 15 days prior to arrival, 50% of total amount due are charged.
d) 14 till 4 days prior to arrival, 75% of total amount due are charged.
e) Less than 4 days or non-show 100% of total amount are charged.
In case of earlier departure (check-out) other than booked and confirmed, no re-imbursement will be made on not consumed or used services unless these services could be re-sold to other persons. For participation at events or special programs of the SCMV and for group-bookings or sub-let of the SCMV or part of its compound, special condition may apply according agreement with booking and confirmation or according publication for such events.

§13 – Special Events, Teaching, Coaching

The SCMV offers own events, courses or personal training and coaching. According to the contents of these offers, special conditions on acceptance for participation apply accordingly and are either published in advance or communicated in direct contact. The SCMV keeps right of denial of access to the event or compound for a person who obviously did not give true information as asked for within the process of registration. In such case, the arriving person does not have right on re- imbursement or compensation of any kind.

§14 – Third Party Events and Sublet

The SCMV makes available house and compound or part of it to third parties managing their own event and activities on location. Special agreement and conditions will apply according communication with the responsible persons managing such events or activities.
(1) For guests participating at such third-party events or activities, terms and conditions of these third parties are valid.
(2) The SCMV is not liable for publications, organization and management of such third-party events or activities.
(3) Without contradiction or limitation of foresaid waiver of liability the house rules of the SCMV are fully valid for participants at such third-party events or activities.

§15 – House Rules

During a stay at the SCMV the house rules are valid and binding. The house rule is posted on easy seen place in the house of the SCMV, published on its website and will be mailed on demand prior to arrival. The house rules may be amended any time basing on recent experiences or incidents and accordingly be changed or renewed. The posted version in the house of the SCMV is the binding version. Violation or neglection of the house rules may lead to immediate expulsion from the SCMV without right on re-imbursement or compensation of any kind.

§16 – Waiver of Liability on Guest’s Activities

The SCMV is enabling within their house and compound to practice physical restraint, BDSM, fetish and sexual activities and play. Each and every participating guest or participant is fully liable for his own activities and play and is responsible by himself to keep his limits and safe-guard his health. The same he is responsible and liable himself in acceptance, respect of limitations and permits given by other participating persons. The SCMV, the Headmaster or persons representing the SCMV or the headmaster are not liable for play or activities of guests and persons staying at location. Every use of installations or instruments at the SCMV are in full liability of the person(s) using these. Above all, the SCMV, the Headmaster or persons representing the SCMV or the headmaster are not liable at all for activities and programs of third- parties’ events or on activities or services offered by other guests, even if these are offered by these guests to be carried out in house or on compound of the SCMV.

§17 – Liability of the SCMV or of the Guest or Participant

(1) The SCMV is liable with the diligence of a prudent businessman for its obligations under the contract. Customer claims for compensation are excluded. Exceptions to this are damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health if the SCMV is responsible for the breach of duty.
(2) In case of faults or mistakes in the services of the SCMV occurring, the SCMV will undertake outmost to correct or compensate, giving knowledge or immediate notification to the guest/participant. The guest/participant is obliged to contribute to an extent reasonable for him to diminish the disturbance and to minimize any possible damage.
(3) The SCMV is not liable for personal belongings, values, jewlery or cash money of the guests/participants.
(4) Guests/participants are liable to full extent of 100% on damage caused by intention or mis-behavior to house, in rooms, in public-areas, on compound or to furniture, installations or instruments of the SCMV.

§18 – Representation of the Headmaster

The Headmaster may authorize and empower any person according to his choice to act on location at the SCMV or as person of contact to the SCMV in his representation, with his mandate and in his mind to communicate, to act, to decide and to give instructions to guests or participants at the SCMV. These persons implement in substitute the house rules.

§19 – Miscellaneous

(1) Animals/pets are not allowed at the SCMV, unless prior written exceptional consent and eventual given special conditions and terms given by the headmaster prior or with booking.
(2) Forgotten or lost property found at the SCMV are kept for one month. On demand and following prior payment on sending costs and working fees, these belongings are directed to the rightful owner of these belongings.
(3) Guests or participants with nutrition allergies or special health or religious dietary requests, have to advise about these the SCMV with their booking of services, not only but especially if their booking includes catering. It is within the guests or participants own responsibility and liability to ensure with the staff of the SCMV during their stay always their tolerance of offered meals and drinks.

§20 – Final Provisions

(1) Amendment or addition of a booking contract or the GTC need to be done in written.
(2) Jurisdiction, place of performance and place of payment is the seat of the SCMV.
(3) German law applies exclusively.
(4) Should individual provisions of these GTC be or become void, this shall not affect the remaining provisions. In addition, the statutory provisions according to German law apply.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 18.05.2018