House and Compound of the Slaves‘ College MV (further on SCMV) is at discretion of individual guests and groups for stay and activities according to prior agreement with the headmaster or his representative. Following rules are to be kept in any case:


Instructions or directives of the headmaster and/or hiss staff in regard of use of infrastructure or of sojourn have to be followed always. They intend to safe-guard housekeeping and installations within the SCMV.


Arrival- and departure (check-in/check-Out) have to be according the prior agreement between the user/guest and the SCMV.


Before an orderly check-in and after check-out, use of installations in the house or on the compound are not permitted.


Keeping of pets at the SCMV are pending on prior agreement with the headmaster and during the stay agreed conditions and rules in this regard have to be kept strictly.


smoking is forbidden in the whole house, with exception of the central big living- and play-room on 1st floor. There, you are required to respect other guests (eventually non-smokers) and on demand to limit smoking in this room too. Cigars are allowed outdoor only. Outdoor on the compound, smoking is permitted. Cigarette stubs have to be disposed always in ashtrays.


Use of installations and facilities in all the house and on the outdoor compound are in own responsibility and liability of the user. It is required to make use of all equipment in a careful way and with due precaution. For use of special rooms or equipment or installations a fee might be asked. After every use you are required to clean facilities and instruments, where needed including disinfection cleaning shall be done too.


Bathrooms, wet cells and WC are to be left by the user in an orderly clean way. Please be aware that these facilities are used by all guests and everyone may expect a basic level of cleanliness to be kept by other users. Leave these rooms behind in a clean and orderly way you like to enter them for your own pleasant use too.


The outdoor pool on the compound is during summer season available for your free use. Do not use the pool as a body-cleaning bathtub and do not in any case expulse there in excrements of any kind (urine, fecal, semen, spit, blood).


The kitchen is not to be used by guests or visitors unless explicit permission given by the headmaster or his representative.
In the dining room on ground-floor there is a kitchenette available for use by guests/visitors. In any case there too, you are required to use equipment carefully and to clean every time immediately after making use of the kitchenette and its equipment.


Access to the 1st floor shall be wearing house- shoes only. Change of footwear is possible without problem int the hallway on ground-floor.


The central big living and play room is open to all guests for their stay and use by intention to encourage for all guests a social get-together. Same goes for the dining room on ground floor. These are places for encounter and entertainment, 1st floor room also for play and activities. Mutual respect is required, but open minds and readiness to compromise too. Each guest has his own preferences and fetishes and should be able to live these freely during his stay at the SCMV, as long as it does not implement excessive disturbance to others. In any case, following has to be respected:
• Activities involving urine are allowed in bathrooms or wet cells only. Fecal activities are absolutely forbidden in the whole house!
• Each player is responsible to clean after his play all the space, installations, furniture and materials used. After the play all should be again in order and clean, ready for use by other guests.
• No person shall be forced into activities of any kind, of neither sexual, physical nor psychological kind, against his free will and his own free consent.
• Each guest acts within his own responsibility and liability. The SCMV, headmaster and/or his staff, are not liable for activities and/or behavior of a guest or guests in his/their fetish-play or way in living their sexuality.


After midnight activities have to be carried out in a way not disturbing night rest and sleeping hours of other guests.


The SCMV offers to live in house and outdoor on the compound diverse attitudes of fetish freely and free movement and stay in full nudity. Please respect our neighbors and village residents and leave our compound in decent clothing only and decent behavior.


The SCMV, the headmaster or/and staff, keep right of expulsion of guests or visitors not keeping the house- and compund-rules with no right on re-imbursement or compensation fort he expelled person.