Teaching, Training, Education

You need teaching in order to know how to accomplish for certain duties? You like to be trained to obey? Do you need education to fulfill your role?

At the Slaves’ College MV you get opportunity to learn and train your abilities. Nevermind if to a slave, dog, servant, butler, naked cleaner or sex-slave: we teach you accordingly. In a direct manner, individually and in an intensive way.

Different goals to be reached ask for different kind and styles of teaching and training. Hence, in order to define the parameters of your course at ours, previous communication will be needed to get to know your needs, existing experiences and also basic information about your personality and body health.

Therefore, use this link to contact us and to place a first application for training. Don’t forget to explain your self and your intensions upon writing to us:

Please regard following basics:
• Pre-condition for intake is prior committing agreement with the Master of the College. All training or education will be carried out and supervised by himself or by assistance of additional staff of the Slaves’ College MV.
• The duration of a basic course is one week (e.g. 8 days, 7 overnights). During this period, you will be led step by step to your goals.
• The costs in total for this week are € 1’000.-, including full-board and overnigts on site.
• During your stay for training/education other guests might stay at ours as well. In this regard we do not grant for exclusive stay or single-accommodation.