Scheduled events and workshops

Within the BDSM-community a great variety of fetishes is lived or adhered. With special weekends dedicated to different contents the Slaves’ College MV offers opportunity to meet other men with same priorities for joint activities.

And on top: workshops are offered too, for fetish concerned teaching and learning. Some of these workshops will even provide its participants with an according certificate.

All these events are managed and coordinated by the Master of the Slave’s College MV and his staff, under inclusion of other participating masters.
Naturally, these events are open to adult men only.
With check-in at arrival, participants are required to fill a waiver releasing the owner and staff of the Slaves’ College MV from responsibility in regard of your own fetish-play.
As well, house-rules and the general terms and conditions are valid too.

Here following the schedule of events and workshops to come. For more detailed information about each of these, either click the event or choose on the lift side according button.

Boarding School Weekend