Live and let live

On regular days, not within a certain event with defined contents, at the Slaves‘ College MV men with very different preferences pass their leisure time. To all of them shall be permitted to live their fetish at ours.

This requires the tolerance to let live other guests their own fetishes too, even if these do not suit your own ones.
Hence, although you are allowed to be for yourself in regard of your own needs without compromise, it nevertheless requires from you to be compromising and with respect in regard of others in their own play and activities.

It is intended to have our guests meeting each other, talk together and have all togehter a good and nice time during their stay.
Thoughtfulness is required, to enable at late night other guests finding their silent space to sleep and in general, to behave and use public areas of the Slaves’ College MV in a manner, you yourself would like to have others doing in respect of your own needs.