Welcome at ours

Our house is located in one of Germans favorite vacation region, the countryside of northern Germany, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Half way between the towns of Waren and Stavenhagen we offer a perfect location for you to spend leisure days, a vacation from your everyday life at home.

Even more: another kind of holiday for your and your friends, including the possibility to live your fetishes in a free manner, if you like to do so.

Our house and its courtyard are especially furnished to enable a perfect stay to lovers of all kind of different BDSM variations in a liberated atmosphere. At ours you are able to dress in your fetish suits or move around completely naked in the house and outdoor on our compound as well.

A perfect place for all men, masters and slaves, sirs and servants, educators and levees, officers and soldiers, misters and doggies, dom and sub …

But for all other men too, those who just like to enjoy peaceful day far of work and home to enjoy recreation and the possibility to explore the beautiful sights and sites of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern lake district.